52609 Fleming Logging Rd. Sandstone, MN 55072
Howard E. Sargeant, Owner • 651-464-3345
Joshua Adam Trest, Manager • 320-630-3608
320-245-2830 (farm) • sargeant.farms@wildblue.net
- Thanks to the buyers & bidders at the MN Beef Cattle Improvement Assoc. Bull Test Sale.

The Sargeant Farms breeding program is truly performance-based, selecting with large, meaningful, equal opportunity contemporary groups produced from 400 efficient Simmental mother cows. This firm has been dedicated to the improvement of beef cattle for a long time.

Honored as the 2001 Minnesota Seedstock Producer of the Year by the Minnesota Beef Cattle Improvement Association, Howard Sargeant has built a great program backed by extensive production records for 31 years to produce common sense Simmental genetics that are sound, fertile, docile, low maintenance and high yielding.

Common sense is the foundation of our total program with roomy right sized, red and black Simmental females that are practical and efficient. Common sense would indicate the addition of Sargeant Farms Simmental genetics to your program.

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